THDotS new english version (THD 992a beta8 eng v11)

THD 992a beta8 eng v11

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Changelog (google doc):



  • Iku 03 - fixed drag distance

  • Lily White EX - fixed transition between mana cost and health cost

  • Lily White 04 - fixed cooldown in code

  • Mystia EX - fixed max health in flying form (HP was lower than intended)

  • Nazrin EX - autocast is turned on by default

  • Orin EX - changed behavior with suicide case

  • Sakuya 01 - fixed damage value

  • Satori 02 - now shows real damage dealt (not calculated damage)

  • Shinki 02 - fixed description (mana cost)

  • Shinki 04 - fixed damage bonus on levelling this ability

  • Tokiko 02 - fixed cooldown in code

  • Youmu 01 - fixed description (mana cost)

  • Youmu 02 - fixed description (does not reduce armor to buildings)


  • [Anchor] - fixed description (stacks count)

  • [Dust of Appearance] - updated description

  • [Green Dam Youth Escort] - fixed description from “applies shield to heroes” to “applies shield to heroes and units” (no change in actual effect)

  • [Green Dam Youth Escort] - changed visual effect position

  • [Kappa Life Detector] - updated description

  • [Kappa Super Detector] - updated description

  • [Magician Hat] - fixed icon

  • [Portable Donation Box] - updated description

  • [Tengu Spy Camera] - updated description

  • [Tengu Spy Camera] - changed cost (0 => 200 points)


  • Added bamboo interface (available if you set race “orc”)

  • Changed hitbox models during character selection

  • Updated several item icons
  • New loading screen
  • Translated multiboard
  • Updated Sakuya ability icons
  • Utsuho 03 - changed visual effect


  • Added translation to neutral creeps: kappa tank, fairy, Goliath doll

  • Added description of damage types (press ALT+H in game)

  • Command “-caidan” now always changes girl to the alt. version

  • Fixed character selection timer

  • Fixed moving on artificial bridges (now more smooth)

  • Fixed trees position and vision in some places

  • Fixed and renamed random items obtained via Random Pick

  • Removed chance to get alt. version of the girl without entering “-caidan” command

  • Translated most of game commands (-dev, -gr, -as…)

  • Updated faith description

  • Updated power description

  • Yukkuri now classified as a worker (has an icon in bottom left corner and is available via F8)

Download this file (THD_992a_beta8_eng_v11_1.w3x)THD_992a_beta8_eng_v11_1.w3x[ ]7568 kB

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