How to play on the host bot

1. Download the finished Warcraft > LINK TO DOWNLOAD PAGE <

2. After that, launch Warcraft via Frozen Throne.exe  war3.exe (or WFE.exe for window mode and fps unlock if you enable it)

3. We go to the Local Area Network ("Локальная Сеть" in the Russian version of the game), in the main Warcraft window, select the host and join.

No more actions are needed.

You should type !dots in lobby for few games before bot remember you nickname and stop automatically kick you.



Model activation is already built into this client. The proxy is also built-in, DO NOT START any program in the folder separately. If you want a proxy separately, then delete dods.mix and run it from the executable.

Thanks to Karolson for separating the proxy from Rubattle, and Ichirin for dots.exe.

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